Monday, October 25, 2010

In your hands.

Cargado originalmente por Lu Ann_hun
Lord, I leave my friend in your hands,
Im doing all I know to do... but I leave him in your hands.

Sometimes I fear I won´t have the words to say when he needs me...
so I pray for your wisdom oh, Lord and for a heart that's sincere.

Lord I leave my friend in your hands... he´s my best friend in the
But I know he means much more to you than what he means to me
and I know you can take care of him better than me.

Thank you for letting me know him, for being his confident and for the many, many things I´ve learnt about me, about life but specially about you through him.

Bless him, please Lord, bless him his whole life too.

Inspired in "Prayer for a friend" by Casting Crowns.

Poem and Photo by Lu Ann

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Blood love

Sister care blur
Cargado originalmente por Lu Ann_hun
I don´t hate you
even when sometimes you make me feel bad.

You don´t hate me
even when sometimes my words make you cry.

You`ve been my company my whole life minus three years
and I´ve been your protector, your example and tears.
I`ve been your laughter, your counselor, your breeze...
but you´ve become my petite one, my pride, my gift.

Do you remember when you wanted to play with dolls
and you were so mad when I got bored?
Or when we laughed and laughed and we coulldn´t stop
and mom got us separated but still we saw each other through the bathroom door?

It melts my heart when we fight and after two minutes we hug.
Im amazed of how much our love has grown...
Im so proud of who you have become,
there is nothing in the world I could love more.

I do not hate you, you do not hate me.
How could I hate you? How could anyone hate you?
You´re the sweetest creature on earth!
You are my sister, my best friend... and that´s why Im the envy of the world. Because I´ve got you.

(I love you... and I miss you very much)

Poem and Photo by Lu Ann