Thursday, February 17, 2011

Incomprehensible melody

Piano Playing 2
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How funny it is to be sitting here next to you
because it was not part of our plans.
And it is unexpected, it is
such a miracle for us to be here right now.
It´s such a marvel how beautiful this melody
we´ve been perfoming sounds.
The sound is absolutly gorgeous, peaceful, authentic
and at the same time it is difficult and full of flats.
But what it´s even more incredible is how incomprehensible this melody seems to be to almost every human being on this city,
on this country, maybe even on this planet.
They really can´t listen to it... they don´t even try sometimes.
But I understand it, and you understand it too.
That´s all it takes, that´s everything we really need.

Photo: Gugo
Story: Lu Ann

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