Thursday, September 30, 2010

Today I’m amazed of you.

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Here and There
In and Out
Up and Down
I can feel you day by day

Surrounding me
Embracing me,
Being my witness in every move
Being my partner on the solitude

No one seems to care
No one seems to notice you during the day,
To notice your incredible motion
But what would be of us without you?

Today I stare
Today I look at you
Today I admire The Lord your creator
Today I’m amazed of you, our Sun!
Our never ending sparkling star!

Photo & Poem by Gugo

Sunday, September 26, 2010

She once said...

Talking Roses
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He felt like going out to breathe fresh air,
or maybe to capture with his camera
the beauty of the day.

He entered to the garden, and then he saw it
a beautiful rosebush smiling
right in front of him.

He could not help but to think of her,
"How I love roses!"
She once said.

And he wished he could cut a rose or two
give it to her and say
"This was meant to be for you".

But as he knew he could not gave it that day
neither tomorrow or the day after that,
he took a picture... and gave it to her.

She was surprised of the young man,
because she recieved a gift like this
for the first time in her life.

Most people give chocolates, but to herself she explained
what he was trying to say
"For the right time I will wait".

He knew she was smiling thou he could not see her
because "How I love roses!"
she once said.

Photo: Gugo
Story: Lu ann

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lighted Curve

Lighted Curve!
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I still can´t believe we are here.
Night crawled up to the sky, but still the lights thru the window remind me that we are still in this world, in this city... but together.

You are sleeping now that this bus is quiet.
To be honest, I can´t sleep... I mean, how could I sleep when I am still so overwhelmed because of all the things we said, of how much we grew together during this trip and how good it feels just to be sitting here next to you?

You are sleeping, but still you´re holding my hand.
Don´t let me go...

I look outside the window, a lot of cars, a lot of lights... a lot of lives out there. Lives we don´t know, lives that do not know ours, and I smile.
I hope they could know how much you mean to me, I hope they could see how beautiful this moment is.
And I hope you know it because, after all, it is all about you... it is possible because we are here together, because you are next to me.

Photo: Gugo
Story: Lu Ann