Thursday, February 17, 2011

Incomprehensible melody

Piano Playing 2
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How funny it is to be sitting here next to you
because it was not part of our plans.
And it is unexpected, it is
such a miracle for us to be here right now.
It´s such a marvel how beautiful this melody
we´ve been perfoming sounds.
The sound is absolutly gorgeous, peaceful, authentic
and at the same time it is difficult and full of flats.
But what it´s even more incredible is how incomprehensible this melody seems to be to almost every human being on this city,
on this country, maybe even on this planet.
They really can´t listen to it... they don´t even try sometimes.
But I understand it, and you understand it too.
That´s all it takes, that´s everything we really need.

Photo: Gugo
Story: Lu Ann

Taking Part in Thursday Poets Rally


Promising Poets Parking Lot said...

this is super beautiful...

the image and the words, perfect and magical...

Happy Rally.

Anonymous said...

great words.. here's my wk 38..

Anonymous said...

I'm intrigued with "full of flats" which I presume is reflecting the difficulting of the performing rather than of the listening. When listening to someone who is tuned flat, it is painful. When playing something with many flats (especially when they're not in the key signature) that offers challenges. Lots of flats in the key signature tends to produce a melancholy mood. Lots to ponder with one choice phrase! Thanks for that.

Anonymous said...

I got so carried away with the brilliance of the flats that I forgot to tell you that I'm here from the Rally, and that my offering is here: ;-)

Anonymous said...

how true, some melodies are only saved for those who wrote them, and thus are special to your ears and hearts... i hope you melody plays on forever.
wishing you much love
(and thanks for reading mine!!)

Scott said...

good stuff, the magic of music is... whether metaphoric or literal, this is a nice piece that reflects the relationship beteen friends, lovers, parent/child.

Brian Miller said...

yeah that is all you need...i imagine you play beautiful music together...

Anonymous said...

incomprehensible melody only two people can understand.....lovely, beautiful :)

Anonymous said...

Some things just fit and defy comprehension - nice

Roessel Morton Nicholas said...

things go unexpected indeed,
be yourself, keep writing.