Thursday, May 5, 2011

"Why do I love you" in 65 words.

-“Why do I love you” in 65 words.
I love you because I think you understand who I am.
I love you because I can tell you what I can´t tell anyone else.
Because I can feel that my life next to you will have a meaning and will never be empty again.
I love you because you asked me how old I was when my dad died, and nobody had ever asked me that.
I love you so much that I´d like to…
-¿What would you like?
-I dont know, I couldnt write it down, Im out of words. 65 are very few, aren´t they?
-Yes, they are.


Henry Clemmons said...

I really like this; romantic. Thank you for your comment. How did you find the link? I've been having trouble getting it to post on Big Tent.

Henry Clemmons

Anonymous said...

To love someone is the best thing in the world. Nice words

li said...

It is very few words - and yet all of the words in the world are sometimes inadequate to tell someone how much you love them and what they mean to you. I like the line about asking something that no one has before - often it's little things like that which make us feel as though the other person really cares.

Lu Ann said...

Thanks all for your comments :)