Tuesday, December 7, 2010

He breathes music.

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What is he thinking? I wonder as I watch him moving his hands up and down in perfect timing…
Is he thinking about the voices?
Is he thinking about the notes?
Is he thinking about the inexpert pianist?
Is he thinking about the public?
About the children?

Maybe he is unconsciously thinking of all that, trusting on what he has been working all this time.
Is he just simply enjoying?
He must be…
Haven´t you seen his face?

He breathes, inhales and exhales music… How I wish I could do that myself.
Each part of him: skin, hair, lips, and hands are covered with music, as if each note had life on its own creating a beautiful harmony with his life.
Such a perfect union that cannot be seen with eyes but with the heart and the soul, not heard with ears but with the whole body.

I wonder... does he know how much we admire him?
Does he know what he means to us?
He believes in us, he´s been part of our lives.
He is a musician, he has a great heart and he inspires us to keep going ahead.
The concert is over. Claps, an ovation to the master and children.

For our friend David M.

Picture: Gugo
Story: Lu Ann & Gugo

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